An unknown object crashed into the far side of the moon - it may be part of China's Chang'e-5 rocket

In early spring, an unidentified object crashed into the moon and left a large crater. It is assumed that this

Chinese rocket.

What is known

The unknown object was observed for seven years.Astronomer Bill Gray developed the tracking software. He believes that the third stage of the Chinese rocket Chang'e-5, which was launched into space in 2014 as part of a lunar mission, crashed into the moon.

Scientists claim that the rocket moved fromspeed of 5 km/s (18,000 km/h). After the collision, two craters appeared on the Moon, the diameters of which were 16 m and 18 m. It is assumed that the double crater indicates a large mass at the two ends of the cosmic body.

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Officially still unknown who ownsrocket. China claims that the Chang'e-5 launch vehicle entered Earth's atmosphere after completing its mission and burned up. By the way, astronomers first believed that the SpaceX rocket block that launched the DSCOVR space observatory in 2015 collided with the Moon. But this version was excluded due to a different DSCOVR trajectory.

Source: Universe Today

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