Analyst: Nintendo will release a gaming cloud service in partnership with Microsoft

Late last week, May 17, Microsoft and Sony announced their collaboration for the benefit of cloud technologies. Companies

planned to develop Microsoft Azure in order to later use the developments for their own services. Now Nintendo has also become interested in the technology.

What is known

According to analyst David Gibson, the “Big N.”also plans to develop its own streaming service. Like Sony, Nintendo chose Microsoft and its Azure cloud platform as a partner. Gibson did not disclose details, but noted that they plan to launch the service in the USA, Japan and other regions.

Note that Nintendo is already experimentingwith cloud technologies. For example, a special version of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey was released on the Switch hybrid console, in which graphics are processed on remote servers. For the Cloud Edition, players are asked for ¥8,400 (yen) or $75, but gamers are not buying a copy of the game, but a two-year subscription. Nintendo has already done something similar with Resident Evil 7.

Such “cloud versions” of games are only available in Japan, and perhaps the Big N wants to launch a similar service outside the homeland using Microsoft Azure.