Analysts say iPhone 8 will be released in September and could cost $ 1,100

Rumor has it that the iPhone release may be delayed, and analysts have been discussing this topic for a week.

Analyst J.P. Morgan

Rod Hall says it's not as bad asreport some reports. At least regarding the release date. According to Hall, J.P. Morgan will reduce the number of phones, but Apple will not miss the September release, which has already become familiar in a few years.

Analyst says next iPhone flagshipwill be called "iPhone Pro." He also thinks that OLED iPhone production is behind schedule, but that will not change the release date itself, even if Apple has to release fewer phones:

“... we don’t think Apple’s production scheduleIt will change significantly due to some delays caused by the decisions of the company, which it adopted in the spring. We expect a small number of Pro models at the end of September, and then production will get better and reach normal by October or early November. ”

Regarding the reduction in the number of phones, J.P. Morgan dropped it from an expected nine million in the first month to two. The analyst believes that Apple will definitely raise the price of the iPhone 8 (or iPhone Pro) supposedly to $ 1,100, which is more expensive than previous models, but the increased price will help control demand in the first days after the release.