Android 11 R flight mode will stop turning off Bluetooth while listening to music

Even though Android 10 came out a few months ago, Google is already hard at work on the next one.

OS version. According to XDA-Developers, it will feature an innovation that all users have been waiting for a long time.

What are we talking about

We are talking about the flight mode that is nowdisables not only the mobile network, but also all other wireless connections. This will change with the release of Android 11 R. Airplane mode will be able to detect Bluetooth A2DP (used in headphones) and Bluetooth Hearing Aid (used in hearing aids) profiles. If they are active, then Bluetooth will not automatically turn off.

When to wait for a new OS

Android 11 R is definitely not worth waiting for this year. The system should be shown in the spring at the Google I/O 2020 conference, and the OS release, as usual, will take place in the fall.

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