Android 11 will finally be able to record videos larger than 4 GB

XDA Developers found confirmation in the Android source code of a new feature that should appear in Android 11.


This is an opportunity to shoot videos larger than 4 GB.

The video size limit was introduced in 2014.However, smartphones now record video in 4K resolution at 30 and even 60 frames per second, and 8K support is just around the corner. Therefore, the removal of limits will be good news for users.

By the way, now, if the video has already crossed the 4 GB mark, the camera continues to shoot, but the video is automatically divided into several files. Here's an example of a 73-minute 4K video shot on Pixel 4:

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Let us remind you that the final version of Android 11 should be released in late August - early September.

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