Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat will be released on Android and iOS - a classic DMC in mobile format

Capcom was satisfied with the sales of Devil May Cry 5 and decided to take up the development of the series again. The company is still

has not announced the next part, but is already preparing to release a mobile version of the slasher.

What is known

Devil May Cry:Pinnacle of Combat is being developed by Yunchang Games with support from Capcom. There are no details about the plot yet, but judging by the first videos, the team is preparing the successor to Devil May Cry 3. The main character is a white-haired demon hunter named Dante in his classic appearance. Moreover, he carries the same Rebel behind his back, and shoots from the iconic Ebony and Ivory pistols.

According to the developers, Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat will feature other classic characters, weapons, and bosses. The only thing is that fans will have to get used to the touch controls.

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Capcom announced the game back in early opening pre-registration. Since then, 500,000 gamers have applied, and they will soon be invited to the first beta testing of the project. The game's release is scheduled for 2020 for Android and iOS, but so far only for China.

Mobile games often start firston the Asian market to collect profits and test the project in the long term. The same Black Desert Mobile has been available in Korea for a long time, and only reached Europe and America in December.

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