Android continues to be the undisputed market leader in mobile operating systems - HarmonyOS already has a 2% share

Strategy Analytics analysts shared statistics on the distribution of mobile operating systems in 2022 and

made a forecast for 2027.

What is known

The Android operating system is stillunwavering leader. Its share is 81%. This is 12% more than in 2012, but 5% less than in 2017. According to the forecast, in five years the "green robot" will control 83% of the market.

The second place is now occupied by iOS with a share ofeighteen%. Five years ago, the market was divided between Google and Apple operating systems, but now, thanks to Huawei, it has managed to form a top three. After the sanctions imposed in 2019, the Chinese manufacturer decided to develop its own operating system. It is called HarmonyOS or HongMengOS (in China) and currently has a 2% share.

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Analysts believe that the share of iOS within fiveyears will decrease by 1%, but for HarmonyOS they do not see a future at all. This is a little strange, since the number of HarmonyOS users is constantly growing. According to Huawei, the number of devices based on this operating system is already more than 320 million units.