Android launched on the Nintendo Switch, but so far unofficially

The developers of Homebrew on XDA released the first open-source Android firmware for the Nintendo Switch, based on LineageOS 15.1 on

Android 8.1 for compatible models.

Not perfect yet

So far this is not working well enough: There are problems with battery life, auto-rotate and touch screen, but the main functions are performed. In fact, this is a small Android-based tablet with a connected pair of controllers — you can browse the web, play 3D games and use it just like other mobile devices.

There is another drawback of this update. In the event of a serious error, Nintendo will most likely not be able to help. Therefore, it is likely that after an incorrect installation or failure, the console will simply stop working.

But even with all the problems, this is a great achievement in console modding. Perhaps in the future, developers will fix everything and we will get a stable running Android system on the Nintendo Switch.