Android R (Android 11) launched on Google Pixel 4 smartphone

In the Geekbench benchmark database, a Google Pixel 4 smartphone running Android 11 suddenly appeared.

What does it mean

More precisely, the documentation says Android R, although withlast year, Google abandoned the words and various names of sweets in subsequent versions of the OS. The current version is called Android 10, followed by Android 11.

However, Geekbench tested Google Pixel 4 with 6 GB of RAM and Android R. As a result, it scored 712 points in single-core mode and 2181 points in multi-core.

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Of course, this information should be regarded with suspicion, since it is easy to fake data in the benchmark. Although it is possible that Google is already testing a new version of Android on their smartphones.

So far, information about Android 11 is very small. Previously, we wrote that in the latest version they will improve the night mode, it will be possible to record video larger than 4 GB, and the flight mode will not turn off Bluetooth.

The final version of Android 11 should be released in late August - early September.

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