Android smartphones are infected with the “immortal” Xhelper Trojan. Even resetting to factory settings does not help

Symantec specialists report a new malware called Xhelper, which is rapidly

is infecting Android devices at a rapid pace.

What it is

Впервые вирус заметили в марте этого года, and since then he has become much stronger. Sources of infection are redirects and suspicious sites that redirect users to pages with Android applications. Once launched, the malware registers itself as a primary service, thereby reducing the risk of shutdown due to low memory.

The goal of Xhelper is simple:it turns any model into a smartphone. Xiaomi floods the user with advertising and spam. All roads lead to the Play Store, from where you can install various applications. Xhelper developers receive interest from each download.

According to experts, the Trojan has already infected about 45 thousand smartphones and is adding 2,400 devices to this number every month. Most of them are in India, the USA and Russia.

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What to do about it

It is not possible to remove Xhelper as it installs itself as a separate standalone service. Neither deleting in the OS settings, nor even resetting to factory settings helps.

Unfortunately, it has not yet been possible to determine the distribution channels of the malware. But it turned out that Xhelper only infects certain brands of smartphones. Which ones exactly are not specified.