Android-smartphones began to attack a virus that switches Wi-Fi to mobile Internet

Smartphones on Android began to attack an as yet unnamed virus that turns off Wi-Fi and activates the mobile

Internet to make paid subscriptions. Discuss

The virus is smart.In order to issue a paid subscription, the user must call a specific number or send an SMS message. This does not work on Wi-Fi, but in order to set up paid subscriptions, the malware needs WAP - Wireless Application Protocol - to add the amount for paid subscriptions to user accounts. For a successful attack, it is necessary that the owner of the smartphone go to the mobile Internet and click on the subscribe button. That is why the virus switches the smartphone to the mobile Internet.

In addition, the virus intercepts disposableOTP codes that services send to confirm the user's intentions. And the victim does not see any notifications and does not know that he is subscribed to paid services.