Angry Birds for iOS in Augmented Reality

As soon as the mobile game Angry Birds appeared, it immediately captured the minds and hearts of many smartphone users.

Both adults and children played it. The popularity of the game even contributed to the release of the full-length animated film (of the same name). Not so long ago, the game took a step towards virtual reality, however, the circle of people who joined the VR technologies is very limited, you just won’t play on a regular smartphone. And now the developers have taken the next step, now towards AR or augmented reality.

AngryBirds AR

A new game, or rather, a new performance offersGamers have a completely different way to interact with the evil bird game world. Now the user has a slingshot and a first-person game, and one needs to physically move around the game location to build his well-aimed shots. Almost the same was offered by the virtual version, but here the small screen of the smartphone is used. On iOS, the game was released free of charge; now owners of Cupertin products will also be able to play AR. If the smartphone has support for ARKit, then AngryBirds AR will work without problems. However, today all modern iPhones have it since version 6S, so this restriction is unlikely to become a problem for the majority.


Each game level represents a new location.from quite complex volumetric designs. These are the building blocks piled on and fixed in a special order, and their player must smash, loading into his slingshot the main weapon - the birds. Moreover, different birds in flight and behave differently. In general, if you are not familiar with the game, then we try not to destroy everything to the ground, but only to destroy nasty divided pigs.

There are various secrets in the game thatentertaining to disclose. The behavior of birds also has many options, they are better to remember and use features to achieve their goal. The complexity of the levels grows, but the goal does not change, so that, having adjusted, you will easily pass level by level. At the same time, the experience of the game from the first person is completely different, and interacting in the game will also have to be different than it was in the original version. Now you install the slingshot yourself by moving around the location. There is more freedom of action.

The surface in the room or on the site mustbe as flat and clean as possible, so that nothing prevents you from moving. And it is better that it was a platform with access in a circle, because sometimes you can win only if you come in from the right direction. Unfortunately, there is nothing for Android.

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