Animal eye detection and other useful features for Sony A7 III and A7R III cameras

Sony has released firmware for Sony A7 III and A7R III. The new version has extended autofocus capabilities and

improved intervalometer for slow motion.

New features

The first thing that improved in the new firmware -built-in intervalometer In addition to the simple function of setting the number of frames and the interval added automatic exposure. This is convenient for continuous shooting in places where lighting changes frequently.

Also Sony has improved autofocus. Now the system will be able to detect the human eye and focus on it, even if the person is looking down, partially closed in the frame, turned or illuminated from behind.

Software version 3.0 for the first time uses the function of detecting the eyes of animals, controlled by artificial intelligence. Sony notes that with animals it is much more difficult because of the structural features of their muzzle. So far, the technology only works on cats and dogs, but in the future will add the ability to track the eyes of other animals. The update will be very useful for wildlife photographers.