Announcement date and first look at Redmi K60 from the official poster

Xiaomi decided to jump into the already crowded last week of the year by announcing its intention to

present the Redmi K60 series to the world.This will happen next Tuesday, December 27, but for now we will discuss the attached poster. The old render turned out to be true, because the device really received a vertical triple camera unit, one of which has a rectangular shape. But do not be deceived: none of the Redmi K60 models is equipped with a periscope, Xiaomi designers just liked the idea of ​​​​designing stubs for decent modules. It is gratifying that at least OIS is in place.

Under the glossy cover, similar to glass, there is a black “carbon-like” pattern, and on the upper edge you can see an infrared port, a stereo speaker grill and a microphone hole. We are waiting for new details!

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