Announcement of Path of Exile 2 - the main contender for killing Diablo 4 from Blizzard

Almost following Blizzard, the Grinding Gear studio announced Path of Exile 2 - a continuation of the “diabloid” that conquered

Diablo 3 fans.

What is known

Path of Exile 2 even though it sounds like a sequeloriginal game, but, judging by the words of the developers, it is more like an expansion. As in Overwatch 2, the content of the first part will be transferred to the sequel, and players will also be able to go through the story campaign of the original. Players of both titles will even have access to the same end-game content, which is unlocked after completing the main story.

What’s new in Path of Exile 2, gamers can expect a new story campaign for seven acts, the action of which will take place twenty years after the finale of the first part:

“Since Kitava's death, society has gradually recovered. Ambitious humans rise to fill the void, and their lust for power once again destroys the Vraeklast."

Grinding Gear also promises to rework the systemarmor and weapons. Hello, Destiny 2. Players will also find new “exiles”, which will be divided into the same archetypes as in the original game, as well as 19 additional Ascendancy classes. Gamers will also see new character models with animations and technical improvements.

Path of Exile 2 will also feature a new generation of skill systems. Support Gems are now added directly to Skill Gems, eliminating the shortcomings of the old system but maintaining depth.

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When to expect

Path of Exile 2 does not yet have a release date, and the platforms on which the game will be released are kept secret. However, Grinding Gear plans to launch beta testing of the project at the end of 2020.

As for the original Path of Exile,then the project will continue to receive updates and content additions every quarter. For example, Conquerors of the Atlas will be released on December 13, which will rework the endgame and prepare players for the release of Path of Exile 2.

Path of Exile 2 Gameplay:

Announcement of mobile Path of Exile

Along with Path of Exile 2, the developers also announced a mobile version of the original game. Yes, now Blizzard will have to worry not only about Diablo 4, but also Diablo Immortal.

According to Grinding Gear, the developers have createdspecial tools that helped improve the engine to work with different platforms. Therefore, the studio is aimed at an “uncompromising port” of Path of Exile to smartphones. At the same time, the developers understand the differences between mobile and PC, and Path of Exile Mobile is focused on short gaming sessions.

The developers also promise to break the trends of mobile games, so that gamers will not be bothered by constant advertising, energy, “time barriers” and so on. Maybe.

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