Announcement of Sharp Aquos Keitai 4: the evolution of the Japanese classic

Sharp unexpectedly announced the Aquos Keitai 4, the fourth generation of push-button Android clamshells that have become the development

classic Japanese phones of this format.The previous generation of Aquos Keitai came out three years ago, and many people thought that the Japanese corporation now decided to release only smartphones - but no, the classic form factor is alive! Moreover, the new model has become better than the previous one in a number of aspects, interrupting a long-term series of simplifications of Japanese clamshells: the microUSB port was replaced with a modern USB Type-C, and an additional speaker was placed on the rear panel, thanks to which ringtones became twice as loud.

Not without simplifications, alas - Aquos Keitai4 lost the infrared port and digital TV tuner One-Seg. Perhaps this is what made it possible to reduce the weight of Sharp Aquos Keitai 4 by 2 g compared to its predecessor (121 g instead of 123 g). The main characteristics have not changed (3.4 ″ qHD screen, IP58 / MIL-STD-810H protection, 8-megapixel camera, 1680 mAh battery), but the processor has been updated: instead of Snapdragon 210, Qualcomm 215 is now. significant, because the Snapdragon 210 is a 32-bit chip (Cortex-A7), while the 215 uses a 64-bit architecture (Cortex-A53).

Not without many branded chips.For example, the Hakkiri View mode distorts the colors on the screen to make websites and maps more contrasting and easier to use, while pressing the button on the end during a call activates its recording. Distribution of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5 is supported. There is a built-in pedometer. Sharp Aquos Keitai 4 will be available from SoftBank on October 28 in black and white colors, and Y! Mobile will also start selling in November (but only in white). The price is not yet known, but the current price of Aquos Keitai 3 – 28,800 yen (11,900 rubles) can be used as a guideline.

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