Another failure of Blizzard: users defeated the rating of the new online shooter Overwatch 2

A few days ago, Overwatch 2 was released in Early Access. And if the critics were satisfied with the new game

Blizzard, then users brought down its ratings on all aggregators to the minimum values.

So, on Metacritic, the user rating of the PC version of Overwatch 2 is 1.2 points. Versions for other platforms have the same scores.

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It is clear that the impression of gamers is smeared with hackerattack on the Overwatch 2 servers, which caused numerous technical problems with downloads, logging into the game, and other nuances. However, the players are also unhappy with some of the developers' decisions, for example, linking accounts to a phone number (it is known that developers will soon refuse this option), aggressive monetization, and turning off the servers of the first part of Overwatch.