Another mid-range OnePlus: Nord 2T. What's new and worth buying

OnePlus has released a model between Nord 2 and Nord 3 called Nord 2T. But how is the latter different from

Nord 2 and is it really better? Discuss

The host of the i-shoppers reviews YouTube channel talked about the pros and cons of the new OnePlus Nord 2T compared to its predecessor, the Nord 2.

Included with the Nord 2T you get a charging cable, an 80W power supply (the Nord 2 had 65W charging power), and a carrying case. In terms of dimensions and materials, the 2T does not differ from the Nord 2.

The display hasn't changed either. It is a 6.43-inch AMOLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate. True, it must be said that this display still lacks the flicker suppression function.

Nord 2T is available with two memory packages:8/128 and 12/256 GB. Instead of Dimensity 1200, it is based on the new Dimensity 1300. However, in reality, there is practically no difference between these processors. This is proven by the test results below.


In general, the performance of the new smartphonenot bad. It will make it possible, for example, to play Genshin Impact at maximum settings. Drawdowns of frames, of course, will be, but not critical. Nord 2T also does not reset the brightness in games.

As for the cameras, according to the characteristics of the Nord 2T, they are completely identical to the cameras of the Nord 2. This is the main lens of 50 MP with optical stabilization, the wide-angle of 8 MP, the “plug” of 2 MP.

In practice, photos from the width of the Nord 2Tare obtained exactly the same as on the Nord 2. The same applies to the main module and the front camera. But in the video you can see the difference between the devices. At 1080p, everything is smooth and stable, but at 4K, the stabilization of the 2T no longer works. This means that the manufacturer has “cut down” the possibilities of shooting in 4K, since the Nord 2 has stabilization in this mode.


The battery capacity of the Nord 2T has not changed: it is still the same 4500 mAh. Autonomy is also identical for Nord 2 and 2T devices.

As for the charging speed, there are no special changes in this regard either. So, Nord 2 fully charged in 32 minutes, and Nord 2T in 28 minutes.


In general, OnePlus Nord 2T is almost a complete copyNord 2. The novelty does not offer anything new at all compared to its predecessor. Therefore, instead of it, it is quite possible to take Nord 2 or another model of Chinese manufacturers (for the same cost).