Answers to frequently asked questions about the Apple Card

At the Show Begins presentation, Apple announced not one, not two, but four new services. Majority

of these will be released towards the end of this year. In addition, the company announced Apple Card, its new credit card.

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With the Apple Card, the company will change a lotaspects of the work of credit cards. Much attention is usually paid to confidentiality, security and simplicity, which other bank cards lack. Apple Card is closely associated with Apple Pay, to use the card was even more convenient.

I wonder what's so special about the Apple Card? Below we will answer all your questions.

Apple Card: Frequently Asked Questions

Apple noted that the card was created not by the bank, but by the company itself. However, the card will be issued in collaboration with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard.

Here are brief Apple Card specifications:

  • Integration with the app Wallet and Apple Pay.
  • No commission.
  • Cost information is in detail.
  • Daily Cash service with cashback.
  • Maintain privacy and security.

First, let's talk about integration with Apple Walletand Apple Pay. This means that you can use the Apple Card, and all card transactions will be displayed in the Wallet app. You can also send a request for a card through the Wallet app, and then you can use it with Apple Pay. An Apple Card will work wherever Apple Pay works (online and offline). Where Apple Pay is not supported, you can use a physical credit card.

Integration also means that you canview your spending statistics in the Wallet app. It will automatically split costs into categories and form a history of operations. For example, if you forget where you spent the money, you can find the operation in the application and find out the exact location of the holding through Apple Maps.

C) What is needed to register inApple Pay?

A) To do this, you must have an iPhone, you must be in the US and set up two-factor authentication for your account.

B) How to getApple Card?

O) When the card comes out, you can fill outApply for an Apple Card directly from the Wallet app. Registration will be approved by Apple and Goldman Sachs, and then you can start using the card. If you have a bad credit history, the application may be rejected.

C) What are the advantages of integration?AppleCard with applicationWallet?

O) All your Apple Card operations will beautomatically displayed in the Wallet app. Expenses will be divided into categories, and you can find out what you spend the most money on every week or every month.

Q) Is it possible to apply for oneAppleCard multiple users?

A) No, it is impossible. Now Apple Card is limited to one user per account.

C) How to get a physical cardAppleCard?

A) You can request an Apple Card physical credit card through the Wallet app.

C) Do I need to activate the card?

O) When you get a physical apple cardCard, you will need to activate it manually. The process is similar to connecting AirPods to an iPhone. Bring the card to your iPhone, and a window will appear on the screen with the activation of the card.

C) Does it affect the physicalAppleCard some commission?

A) No, there is no commission for an Apple Card. Get a physical card is free.

C) What to do ifAppleCard will be lost or stolen?

A) Here again, the integration of Apple Card with Wallet. You can use the Wallet app to lock your physical Apple Card and request a new one.

C) How much does a replacement cost?AppleCard?

A) Apple does not yet require an additional charge for replacing an Apple Card.

C) Does physical supportAppleCard contactless payment?

Oh no. To do this, you can use Apple Pay.

B) HowAppleDoes the card work if there is no card number on it?

O) The physical Apple Card has no number, but it is stored on a magnetic strip. Even in the Wallet application, only the last four digits of the card number are displayed. Find out the full number of the physical Apple Card is not possible.

C) How to use physicalAppleCard for online transactions?

O) For online Apple Card operations, you canuse through Apple Pay. If the service is not available, you can generate a virtual card number and CVV code through the application and use them for the operation.

The number will act as much as you decide. It will stop working only after you generate a new one.

C) Do they require surgery?AppleCard signatures to confirm?

A) No, do not require.

C) What cashback is available withAppleCard?

A) With physical Apple Card operations, you get 1% cashback, and with online operations, 2%. If you buy something from the Apple online store, the cashback will be 3%. The service is called Apple Daily Cash.

Q) Where is the cashback and how to use it?

A) Apple will charge cash back to an Apple Cash account every day. You can then use it for other operations or for paying off debt.

C) What to do when switching to a new oneiPhone?

A) As soon as you log in to your iCloud account on the new iPhone, all Apple Card details will be transferred to the new device.

C) What will happen if the debt is repaid late?AppleCard?

A) There will be no penalties for late payment of debt. Even if you do not pay the entire debt, there will be no commission.

Q) Can a smartphone user withAndroid useAppleCash?

A) Yes, but he will not have all the advantages of the card. Since the Wallet app is not available for Android, users will only be able to use an Apple Pay physical card.

B) WhenAppleCard will appear outside the US?

A) Apple has not yet said when the Apple Card will appear in other countries of the world.

B) WhatAppleCard is different from other credit cards?

O) Apple always pays a lot of attention.privacy and security of their services and products. Apple will not share information about your operations with Goldman Sachs, which means that Apple Card users are protected from targeted advertising. Your information will not be transferred to third-party services and companies.

Q) Where can I find wallpapers in the Apple Card style?

A) We have just published a selection with beautiful Apple Card-style wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad and computer.