Anthem's story is over: BioWare has abandoned major act updates

BioWare together with Electronic Arts are doing everything to support the life of Anthem. Last week, the game became part of EA Access,

and now head of services Chad Robertson has announced new plans for the development of the project.

What is known

The creators of Anthem abandoned the structure of acts,peculiar large-scale updates that would expand the game with new zones, tasks and activities. BioWare managed to release only the first of the three promised updates, adding "Cataclysm." Now replaced by "seasonal updates" with which Anthem will come with new tasks and goals built around themes.

Anthem’s initial development plan, marking the beginning of the game’s history:

Robertson also noted the help of players with testservers that helped developers improve the Cataclysm. For example, on the advice of gamers, BioWare improved the internal economy of activity, twisted the balance and even improved the tips on the loading screen.

“We hear your comments about problemsAnthem and act in accordance with them. These systems require more thorough analysis and refinement, rather than quick fixes. Now the team is working on it, and the first results are encouraging, ”Robertson wrote.