Anti-aging drug discovered

Scientists from Japan have discovered a drug that rejuvenates the body. Professor of the Scientific Research Institute of Medicine, Tokyo

Makoto Nakanishi University noted that in five to ten years it can begin to be used.

The scientist said that agingdue to the accumulation of cells in the organs, provoking inflammatory processes. These cells include senescent or senescent cells. So, these cells subsequently stop dividing and accumulate in organs.

”If you remove these cells, you can stopinflammatory processes provoked by them, and consequently - to achieve a significant improvement in the symptoms of aging, "- Nakanishi shared in an interview with" RIA Novosti ".

The researchers concluded that agingThe cell requires the GLS1 enzyme to function, which is responsible for the conversion of glutamine into glutamic acid. With this in mind, a theory was derived, according to which, using an inhibitor of this enzyme, it is possible to eliminate cells that lead to aging. Subsequently, this guess was tested experimentally, introducing the appropriate drug to an old mouse. So, scientists have recorded an improvement in the functioning of the kidneys, liver and lungs of the animal. In addition, it was noticed that the rodent's body strengthened as a whole.