Anyone can create AR filters for Instagram

Facebook announced for the first time that it will allow Instagram users to create their own AR effects at the conference

F8 developers this spring.But there were a lot of other big announcements at the time and the program didn’t gain much traction. Therefore, Spark AR was left only to some users in closed beta. The app has now been released into the public domain as a public beta.

How to use

To find custom filters inInstagram, you need to scroll to the bottom of the filter panel and click the “View additional effects” button. To create your own creation, simply download the free Spark AR Studio software on Mac OS or Windows.

The company says that thanks to the featuredrag and drop, making your own filter is not difficult. Sharing is just as easy—when a creator's followers see a new filter or effect, they can share it on their Stories. Their readers can do the same, thereby making the effect more popular. A small tag at the bottom will display the author's name.