AnyTrans for Android– the most thoughtful file manager

Mobile users today actively use additional software that allows maximum

quickly solve current problems.Despite the abundance of managers, not all of them are easy to use and multifunctional. I would like to tell you about an excellent tool for Android users that can do absolutely everything that is needed in everyday life - AnyTrans for Android.

Before proceeding to the analysis of the functionality of thisprograms, I must note that this tool is presented not only as a utility for a computer, but also as a mobile application. That is, there is a desktop version of the program, a web version and an application for the phone. This is a huge advantage over other alternatives, as it turns out that the user has access to the content all the time, wherever he is.

In addition, support is also included herewireless networks. That is, you can transfer content between devices wirelessly via a Wi-Fi connection. This is simply an undeniable convenience that most programs do not provide at all.

With AnyTrans, you can not only transfercontent, but also manage it. The program provides full control over the content on your Android device at any time and from any place in the most comfortable way. Below we list the main functions of AnyTrans for Android:

  • Transfer content from a mobile device to a computer
  • Transfer data from computer to phone or tablet
  • Manage files on your mobile device (import, export, delete)
  • Android Mover feature. The ability to quickly switch from iOS to Android or from Android to Android. Fast file transfer with maximum support for all data. Therefore, if you suddenly decided to buy a new Samsung S10 or Huawei P30, do not worry about content transfer. This problem has already been solved!
  • The ability to download movies, videos, shows, music from YouTube, SoundCloud and more than 1000 sites. Built-in loader.
  • Backup function Backup copy of all data or individual file types (contacts, photos, messages, etc.).
  • Batch install, delete, backup multiple applications.
  • Manage files by category.

These are the main features of the utility, but not all. You can also read the instructions on how to transfer messages from iPhone to Android. It must be said that the developers of the AnyTrans program have been developing software for iOS and Android users for several years now, so their tool is the easiest to use and at the same time functional to the maximum. In general, the program interface is quite understandable. Immediately at startup, you need to select the desired section depending on your needs, and then just follow the instructions of the program.

With AnyTrans it will be much easier to implementinteraction between phone and computer. There will always be order on the mobile device, the search for the desired file will be much faster. You can easily download the desired content to your phone (music, video, photos, etc.) and not think about the compatibility of formats. The program will do everything for you. Wirelessly, you can always import the necessary files from your phone to your computer, if you suddenly need it.

AnyTrans is your second hand, reliableHelper, which facilitates your interaction between the mobile device and PC and simplifies the organization of data on the device. You can download it on the official website.