AnyTrans for iOS - an advanced alternative to iTunes

With additional software from third-party developers, interaction with your phone becomes much easier

easier. This is especially true for users of iOS devices, who are limited in their actions due to established Apple standards. For several years now, the program has been helping usersAnyTrans for iOSwhich is used by more than 10 million usersiOS. But there are those who do not know about it. Therefore, we decided to tell you about the benefits of this tool, especially since the program has recently received a global update and now offers an even more advanced set of features.

The program AnyTrans for iOS was created taking into accountmaximum comfortable content management on your iOS device. Plus, this is the most functional tool for backing up data on a mobile device. This in iTunes you will not find. The last update touched the backup function, so we will pay special attention to it today.


So, AnyTrans for iOS is the mostfunctional and comprehensive backup tool. The problem of accidental data loss can no longer worry you. Unlike the standard iTunes program, this utility has several backup modes and provides support for more than 10 file types.

Full backup– this is a solution for those who want to make a backupall files and data on your iOS device. Moreover, if we compare this function with iTunes, then in this program the content coverage is significantly superior. You can find similar instructions here.

Incremental backup– this is a slightly different way of backup.Its main difference is that only files that have changed since the last backup will be archived. That is, the old copy will be rewritten to the new one while preserving the new changes. The main advantage is saving your time, as well as saving disk space.

Wireless backup– this backup function using wirelessconnections, meaning you don't need any USB cables. The convenience is that you can create your own schedule for automatic backups via Wi-Fi.

Data recovery

Regarding the ability to recover data frombackup, in this program it is also provided. AnyTrans allows you to simultaneously store several backup files for one phone that were created at different times. Therefore, before the recovery process, you can select the desired file. Learn more about the recovery function here.

The undoubted advantage in AnyTrans is the functionpreview and extract data from the backup file. This feature is different from the usual data recovery, since all current data and content on your mobile device will remain intact, only the new data you selected will be added. That is, the user can check the content of each backup file and transfer it to his phone, without deleting other data. For owners of the iPhone and iPad, which are constantly limited by regular features, this is just a godsend. More content management and interaction with it!

Another innovation is the functiondata transfer from social messengers. The program will help you save all correspondence from instant messengers, as well as attached files, if necessary, transfer chats with attachments in the form of music, photos or videos from an old iPhone to a new one. At the initial stage, this feature extends to WhatsApp, LINE and Viber applications. You can separately create backup copies of correspondence and, if necessary, restore them with just one click. More information about this feature can be on the link.

The media loader in AnyTrans was alsoimproved. If you used to switch between them to download the same video from YouTube, now you can do everything from one place: you can search for the desired video directly from AnyTrans, you can select the desired resolution at the output and specify the format. And besides the video, you can now download audio tracks (background music video).

As you understand, this is not the whole range of possibilities.program AnyTrans. There are still a huge number of useful functions that will definitely come in handy in everyday life: transferring, exporting files (music, photos, etc.) from one iPhone to another or between a phone and a computer, transferring data from an Android device to an iPhone.

What we have told you above is only the mostimportant part of the upgrade program. Moreover, we should note that the backup function is free, but a license for the program is required to use the restore function. Download AnyTrans for iOS and see its potential right now. Finally, you can forget about iTunes and use more advanced software.