Aperturize, Eclipse 12, Notcis12 and other new jailbreak tweaks

IOS 12 jailbreak is already publicly available, and many continue to look for jailbreak tweaks that

support. Fortunately, last week there were a lot of tweaks.

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Today we will tell you about all the new jailbreak tweaks released last week, and start as usual with the best of them.

The best tweaks of the week


Many iPhone models are capable of taking portrait pictures, but Apple limits them to its system. New tweak Aperturize helps get rid of this limitation and take portraits on unsupported devices.

In addition, the tweak even allows you to adjust the blur effect both in real time and for ready-made images.


Bellevolume - A new tweak that makes the design of the volume indicator more beautiful and more convenient. Tweak contains many different themes that you can customize yourself.

Eclipse Dark Mode (iOS 12)

Eclipse is the best tweak with Dark mode, and now it supports iOS 12. If you want to add a full-featured Dark mode to your device, be sure to install this tweak.

Read more about tweaks in our full review.


The password on your iPhone protects your personal data, but it is not always needed. For example, not when you are alone at home.

IntelligentPass2 - jailbreak tweak that disables the password on your smartphone depending on specific conditions, like connecting to a home Wi-Fi network.


Eclipse is a great tweak with Dark Mode, but it works even better in tandem with a new tweak. Noctis12.

Noctis12 contains more themes and acts on the screen with widgets, notifications, etc. Read more about it in our review.

Trim times

Trim Times - a new tweak that adds a time indicatorto the standard video cropping interface in iOS. This function exists in macOS, but in iOS the company forgot to add it, which is why it is not very convenient to edit video on the smartphone. Fortunately, the tweak solved this problem.

Other tweaks

AlarmGroups: Collects similar alarm clocks into groups (Fouad Raheb beta repository).

Badgemenot: Removes iOS 12 update icon from Settings (BigBoss repository).

Bettercxi (Weather Addon): Module with weather for tweaks BetterCCXI (Packix repository).

Bioprotect XS (iOS 12): Protects apps with Touch ID and Face ID (BigBoss repository).

ConditionalWiFifour: Allows you to limit access to the Internet for some applications (Packix repository).

Confirm2Proceed2: Adds a message confirmation screen (Elias Sfeir beta repository).

Crayola X: Allows you to change Twitter application themes (Dynastic Repo repository).

EasyAccessAddOn: Activates EasyAccess by double-tapping the status bar (Packix repository).

Extendedglyph: Adds different icons to the unlock screen using Touch ID (Packix repository).

FBHideStories: Hides stories from the Facebook application (BigBoss repository).

FingerTouchReachabilityFix12: Fixes FingerTouch tweak bug for iOS 12 (Packix repository).

Highdate: Displays Snoop Doga on the lock screen of your smartphone at exactly 4:20 (BigBoss repository).

Huddyx: Volume indicator with a design developed for models with a notch on the screen (BigBoss repository).

Ive: Displays Settings by clamping the status bar (Packix repository).

Jellyfish: The design of the lock screen in the style of Apple Watch (Dynastic Repo repository).

Libellus: Displays news on the Cydia home page (BigBoss repository).

LSTinyDate: Compactly displays the date and time on the lock screen (CydiaGeek beta repository).

MarkFavorites: Add multiple photos to favorites in the Photos app (Packix repository).

Minimalxi 2: System interface editor (Packix repository).

Musiclove: Adds heart-shaped icons to your favorite songs (BigBoss repository).

NoBigTitlesCydia: Removes large headers from the Cydia application (Packix repository).

Norecents: Hides recent calls in the Phone app (BigBoss repository).

Notifica: Allows you to customize notifications in iOS 11 and iOS 12 (Nepeta repository).

NoRecentSearches: Removes the search history from the Photos app (BigBoss repository).

Photos Theme Dark: Dark mode for the Photo application (BigBoss repository).

Pinterest Profile Pictures for ShortLook: Displays photos of Pinterest profiles in ShortLook (Dynastic Repo repository).

Privacycall: Call security with biometric authentication (BigBoss repository).

Reddit Profile Pictures for ShortLook: Displays Reddit profile photos in ShortLook (Dynastic Repo repository).

Skype Profile Pictures for ShortLook: Displays Skype profile photos in ShortLook (Dynastic Repo repository).

Social Downloader: Allows you to download media files from social networks (Elias Sfeir beta repository).

Steam Profile Pictures for ShortLook: Displays Steam profile photos in ShortLook (Dynastic Repo repository).

Store Features: Adds new features to the Cydia application (BigBoss repository).

SwipeToLock: Lock the screen of your iPhone X with a swipe up (BigBoss repository).

Tumblr Profile Pictures for ShortLook: Displays Tumblr profile photos in ShortLook (Dynastic Repo repository).

UnicodeEscape12: Allows Unicode escapes in iOS (BigBoss repository).

WhatAboutThis: Adds the About this device settings screen in iOS 12.2 style (Nepeta repository).

Wiivamp: Play your favorite Wii songs in any applications (Dynastic Repo repository).