Apex Legends will host an event for snipers

In the “Royal Battle” of Apex Legends, an event called Voidwalker will be held very soon. It is notable for the new mode

Armed and Dangerous, in which players can only use shotguns and sniper rifles.

Camping time

Not only will the arsenal be limited, but also loot onthe map. So the equipment will have to be used as thoughtfully as possible. If the enemy begins to act too aggressively, you can escape through the portals generated on the battlefield and prepare an ambush on the other side.

With the new Respawn Entertainment modeAdd a set of cosmetic items that can be obtained either for free or for $ 5. Also in the game there will be additional tasks dedicated to the "legend" of Rafe.

Voidwalker will be held from September 3 to 17.