Apple AirPods 2 vs. Galaxy Buds vs. Powerbeats Pro

Most wireless headphones have water protection. However, there have been cases where moisture ingress

caused the accessory to stop working. In the new test, they decided to check and compare the three most popular models at once - Apple AirPods 2, Galaxy Buds and Powerbeats Pro.

Water test

In fact, in everyday life the caseglobal immersion of headphones in the water - a rarity. For the most part, headphones can suffer from moisture during sports (sweat), outdoors during rain, or if you accidentally drop them in water (bath, toilet, puddle, etc.). In any case, it is unpleasant if after such a case they cease to work correctly.

Video from CNET is devoted to the topic of waterproofing, inThe framework compares three popular headphone models at once (Apple AirPods with Samsung Galaxy Buds and Powerbeats Pro). The video tells about how true the statements about water-resistance are, whether these top-end brand-name headphones will be able to continue working after the ingress of water.

All three products actually undergo varioustest cycles, every time an increasing amount of moisture is applied to check whether the headphones can still connect to the corresponding smartphone and continue to work. Note that this experiment has no scientific meaning. All this is only an opportunity to understand how gadgets will behave if they suddenly have to face the water. Will they survive?

You will be pleasantly surprised, but all three accessoriesremain in working condition even after the last test. However, the quality of work will still be different. Best of all cope with moisture Powerbeats Pro. They withstand everything: strong splashes, and immersion in water, and even a washing machine. It's nice to know that nothing will happen to them, even if you accidentally wash them with laundry.