Apple AirPods 2 will get versatile design and additional features.

AirPods 2 from Apple will have a modification with more advanced features and a universal design. IN

in particular, they will be able, through innovativesensors monitor the user's condition. The manufacturer's desire to provide its smart wireless headphones with features that help monitor health is commendable, but it is clear that this is due to the fact that the company needs a wider audience reach.

What awaits the owners of AirPods 2

Judging by the latest Apple patent applicationsthe company is developing AirPods, which will receive built-in sensors that determine not just the presence of the ear, but also what exactly they are in the ear. Patent documents describe a system with which the current asymmetric design of headphones can be easily carried in any ear. The sensor turns on, which determines what kind of ear it is, what it will do in this case, it can be reconfigured or else how it is still unknown. Now the headset from the Cupertino is specifically designed for each ear separately, and if you confuse the left with the right, it will be uncomfortable, the user will not exactly get pleasure from the sound.

In addition to this future convenience, userswill get another chip in the new headset. In the next generation, biometric sensors will be installed that monitor various parameters, from pulse and body temperature to health indicators that have not yet been announced.

Now it's up to the techies who willTo introduce all this, the technologies, in principle, are already there, they are worked out, you only need to have time before the next release. If you believe some analysts who predict the emergence of a second generation headset at the beginning of next year, there is not much time left. However, there is information from other sources, which shows that complete modernization will come only in the twentieth year. That for the introduction of new features is more likely period

If this happens, the headset will beAn excellent pair of smart watches, considered to be the best in the consumer segment gadgets that monitor the parameters of the user's health. There have already been enough cases when Apple Watch literally saved the lives of their owners. You look, headphones will join life-saving.

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