Apple AirPods headsets continued to work even in the human stomach

A funny story happened with Taiwanese man Ben Hsu, who accidentally swallowed an Apple AirPods one night.

How it was

And don’t even ask how Ben managed to sleepto kill an entire earphone is also a mystery to us. He only said that he fell asleep with two headphones in his ears, and woke up with one. Using the Find My AirPods feature, Ben beeped and realized that the second earbud was in his stomach.

The poor fellow did not feel any discomfort, but just in case he went to the hospital. An x-ray confirmed that the earphone was “travelling” through the stomach.

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The doctors said that we had to wait:Either the earphone will come out naturally, or Ben will have to undergo surgery. Fortunately, I didn’t have to go under the knife: after a while, the AirPods came out on their own, in working order and with 41% charge!

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And this despite the fact that AirPods are not officially waterproof and are not even splash-proof.