Apple AirPods headsets continued to work even in the human stomach

A funny story happened to a Taiwanese citizen, Ben Hsu, who one night accidentally swallowed an Apple AirPods earpiece.

How it was

And don't even ask how Ben managed in a dreamto shuffle the whole earphone, for us it is also a mystery He only said that he fell asleep with two headphones in his ears, and woke up with one. Using the Find My AirPods feature, Ben gave a beep and realized that the second headset was in his stomach.

The poor fellow did not feel any discomfort, but just in case he went to the hospital. X-ray confirmed that the earpiece "travels" in the stomach.

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Doctors said they should wait: either the earpiece will come out naturally, or Ben will have to operate. Fortunately, I didn’t have to go under the knife: AirPods, after a while, got out himself, and in working condition and with 41% charge!

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And this is despite the fact that AirPods are not waterproof and are not even protected from splashes.