Apple AirTag helped to detain the organizer of drug production

The United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), using the AirTag tracker, was able to track down

and detain the drug manufacturer.

What is known

According to information from the search warrant, whichForbes shared that this happened last year. In May, border guards intercepted two packages from China containing equipment used for drug production. They contained a press and dyes for the tablets.

The police attached an AirTag to the interiorside of the package and were thus able to track the movement of the parcel and find the production organizer. Apparently, this is the first time AirTag has been used to track down a drug dealer.

Why did the police use AirTag?unknown. A retired detective who spoke to Forbes speculated that the Apple tag provided more reliable communications than other devices, or that there had been previous glitches with GPS devices available to police.

In any case, AirTag is not suitable for surveillance,because after numerous complaints about harassment, Apple took care of the safety of users. So, if the owner is absent for a short period of time, the tracker beeps. Also, a nearby tag can be detected using the Find My app on iPhone or the Tracker Detect app for Android.