Apple, along with the iOS 14.7 update, fixed a bug with disabling Wi-Fi on the iPhone

Apple recently released the fifth beta of iOS 14.7, numbered 18G5063a, which doesn't seem to bring anything.

new, but removes the error that occurred.

What's wrong?

The bug was discovered a few weeks ago. As it turned out, when connected to a network with some strange names, the iPhone completely turned off the Wi-Fi module and refused to connect to other networks.

For example, Carl Schou told insocial networks that as a result of an attempt to connect his iPhone XS with iOS 14.4.2 on board to his home Wi-Fi network called% p% s% s% s% s% n the smartphone "broke". To reconnect, neither rebooting nor changing the network name helped - only resetting to factory settings.

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Now if you are using iOS 14.7, when you connect to weirdly named Wi-Fi, your iPhone will work as expected. iOS 14.7 is already available to developers and public beta testers, but no public release date has yet been announced.

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