Apple and coronavirus

Coronavirus continues to change the plans of many major manufacturers of mobile equipment, including Apple.

Factory closure

LG Innotek, which is a suppliermodules for cameras iPhone, closed one of its factories after the employee gave a positive result for coronavirus, reports Reuters. Located in Gumi, South Korea, the plant is located near Daegu, where most cases of coronavirus in South Korea have been confirmed. A company spokesman said the plant will be closed for disinfection on Monday.

LG Innotek is an important supplier for Appleand the question remains open whether the factory will be open on Tuesday. If the shutdown is short, there are unlikely to be any serious consequences for the production of the iPhone.

By the way, Samsung was also forced to close one of its factories in Gumi due to the fact that the employee contracted the virus.

Just a few days ago Tim Cook gave an interviewFox Business, in which he expressed optimism that everything is back to square one. As for China, Cook said that "it seems to me that China is gaining control of the coronavirus." Apple even began sending parcels to people affected in Hubei and Wenzhou in China. More on that later ...

Apple sent gift bags withiPad, face masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and many of its other employees in Wenzhou and Hubei due to coronavirus, according to Weibo, a Chinese social network.

While in China more than half of the storesApple opened during reduced hours, many retail, corporate, and manufacturing employees stay home. Families who have received care packages are said to be “touched” by Apple.

In the letter attached to each parcel,iPad tablets are said to be designed to educate children on the Internet or to help them spend time with value during their “long stay at home.”

We understand the difficulties with which youencounter, and would like to provide you the best support for you and your families. Hubei and the city of Wuhan were severely affected by the outbreak of coronavirus, which killed 2,835 people in China.

We send our best wishes to you on behalf ofApple's entire team for you and your families. In the kit, you will find comfort items and an iPad которые that you can use to make it easier for children to learn online or to help them spend time during their extended stay at home.

At the annual meeting of shareholders of Apple, whichOn February 26th, CEO Tim Cook commented on the prioritization of employee health and safety during outbreaks. Last month, he outlined donation plans for coronavirus relief efforts in China, and in February, when Apple announced it would not meet its revenue goals in March, Cook said the company more than doubled its donation.

Note that in recent days, Apple's stock price has fluctuated greatly due to the coronavirus, causing uncertainty in world markets.