Apple and Google for the seventh consecutive year become the most expensive brands in the world

The consulting agency Interbrand presented its traditional annual ranking of the most expensive brands,

and its leaders are unchanged.

Who's in the lead?

For the seventh year in a row, Apple and Google took first and second place in the ranking. The first was valued at $234.241 billion, the second at $167.713 billion, which is +9% and +8% for the year, respectively.

In third place is Amazon, which managed to increase its value by 24% in just a year. The company is now worth $125.263 billion.

Next come Coca-Cola (down 4%,to $63.365 billion), Samsung (2% increase, to $61.098 billion), Toyota (5% increase, to $56.246 billion), Mercedes-Benz (5% increase, to $50.832 billion), McDonald's (4% increase, to $50.832 billion), to $45.362 billion) and Disney (up 11% to $44.352 billion).

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By the way, over the year Disney rose from 14th to 10th place. But Facebook (a drop of 12%, to $39.857 billion) left the top ten and dropped to 14th place.

The total brand value of companies from the top 100 is now estimated at $2.13 trillion. At the same time, over the year, technology companies from the list showed growth of 9%.