Apple announced Arcade - a gaming service for iOS, Mac and Apple TV

Apple decided to keep up with Google and announced its own gaming service for iOS, Mac and Apple TV called Arcade.

What is known

If the same Stadia launches games in the cloud, thenArcade works like “Netflix for mobile gaming.” Instead of paying for each game, gamers are offered to pay a subscription, which opens access to projects from the App Store. Subscribers will be able to play in offline mode, disable ads in games, and connect up to six users to one account.

More than 300 thousand games are already available in the App Store, and Apple promises to choose the best for the library service. In addition, for Arcade they plan to create exclusive projects, and in the starting lineup there will be 100 games.

In the announcing trailer showed games of differentgenres, including platformers, action games and arcades. Some have already been announced, while others caught the eye of gamers for the first time. Apple has not stuttered about its own studio yet, but said that Cartoon Network, Klei Entertainment, Konami, LEGO, SEGA, Snowman, Ustwo Games and others are interested in the service.

Arcade will be released in the fall in 150 regions, but Appledid not talk about the cost of a subscription. At the presentation, Apple also showed its own credit card Apple Card, as well as Apple News + news service and the new streaming video service Apple TV +.

Recall that in late January, rumors appeared, they say, Apple plans to make a gaming device out of the new iPod Touch.