Apple announced new AirPods with Hi, Siri, H1 processor and others.

Today Apple announced updated AirPods headphones, which can be ordered now, and are in stores

will appear next week.

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The new AirPods provide 50% more talk time, support the “Hi, Siri” function and come with a new wireless charging case.

Like the old model, the new headphones are easy andQuickly connect to the device using the screen that appears on it, if you hold the AirPods case and open the lid. After you plug in the headphones, they will be available on all your devices linked to the same iCloud account.

The W1 processor has been replaced with a new H1 processor with a custom audio architecture designed specifically for headphones.

The H1 processor is responsible for the following functions:

  • Hi, Siri.
  • An extra hour of talk time.
  • More stable wireless connectivity with devices.
  • Switching between active devices is 2 times faster.
  • The delay in games is 30% lower.
  • The connection time to telephone calls is 1.5 times faster.

Here is what Phil Schiller says:

AirPods work like magic, and the headphoneshave long become one of the most favorite gadgets of our customers. They connect seamlessly to all your devices and deliver crystal clear sound and intuitive controls.

Now the world's best wireless headphones have becomeeven better. The updated AirPods work on the new H1 processor, which provides an extra hour of talk time, faster connection, Hi-Siri and wireless charging.

Both a regular case and a case for wireless charging add more than 24 hours of work. The wireless case works on the basis of the Qi standard, i.e. You can charge it using any Qi wireless charger.

On the case for wireless charging thereLED-light, which acts as a charging status indicator. The case supports the original AirPods, so you can buy it separately. Apple may even add free laser engraving to the case, which was not previously suggested.

New AirPods can be ordered today from the siteApple, and they will appear in stores next week. With a regular case, the new AirPods cost 13,490 rubles, and with a case for wireless charging, they cost 16,990 rubles. Separately, such a case costs 6590 rubles.