Apple Arcade launched ahead of time with a free period and the developers are unhappy

Apple planned to release Apple Arcade on September 19, and developers along with gamers were waiting for this date. Yet

There are some lucky ones who have already gained access to the service.

What is known

According to MacRumors, some usersbeta versions of iOS 13 received access to Apple's gaming service before release. According to the journalist, the lucky ones who received an invitation can already sign up for a subscription, and Apple does not take money for the first month. After the trial period, you will have to pay $5 per month for access.

The developers themselves did not expect such a turn.The authors of Sayonara Wild Hearts planned a simultaneous release on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade, and now some users will be able to play before others. The developers were worried that because of this, spoilers would start floating around the Internet, so they asked the lucky ones not to spoil the game for other gamers.

There are already 54 games available on Apple Arcade.The list will continue to grow, but even now gamers have access to both arcade and action games with RPGs. Installation of games follows the standard scheme: go to the store, select from the list of available projects and download. Moreover, an Internet connection is not required to start.

Let us remind you that the official launch of Apple Arcade will take place on September 19, and you can find the full list of exclusive games here.