Apple asks owners of their credit cards not to store them in leather wallets

The titanium Apple Card looks brilliant, but care must be taken when handling it. Company

published instructions for cleaning the card, which warns not to store it in leather wallets or jeans pockets.

A similar method of carrying a card may leave spots on it that are “impossible to wash”. That's right - you can stay with a terrible looking credit card by simply putting it in your wallet or jeans pocket.

Apple also does not recommend putting the Apple Card closewith other credit cards or things that could scratch an expensive titanium coating. But if someone still manages to stain the card, then it must be cleaned with a microfiber cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol.

And although the Apple Card is unlikely to be used as often as Apple Pay when shopping, it is quite difficult to show your status and luxury, while having a dirty card.

A source: Apple