Apple bans vape apps and strips App Store from them

Apple has declared war on vaping related apps.

What now

The App Store has always been banned

sale of tobacco, cartridges for electroniccigarettes, etc., however, applications related to vaping were moderated. These are applications that allow you to control the temperature, backlight and other parameters of such cigarettes, programs for stores and even news and social networks for vapers.

In June, Apple stopped accepting such applications, and recently removed them from the App Store. A total of 181 vaping apps have been removed.

“We updated our App review guidelines.Store to emphasize that applications that promote or facilitate the use of these products are not permitted. Today, these applications are no longer available for download, ”the company said.

Users who previously installed these applications will be able to continue to use them.


This is due to studies that provethe harm of electronic cigarettes. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, thousands of people fell ill due to vaping, 42 cases were fatal.

“We make sure the app store isa safe place for our users, especially for young people. We constantly evaluate programs and rely on the latest news to determine the risks to the health and well-being of users, ”Apple said.

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