Apple began public testing of iOS 13 and iPadOS

If you haven't yet downloaded iOS 13 to your mobile device, the time to do so is now to help

companies in mass firmware testing.Traditionally, some time after the presentation of the updated software at WWDC, Apple begins public testing of the software, in which not only developers, but also ordinary users can take part.

Download iOS 13 and iPadOS

Open beta testing iOS 13 and iPadOSallows users to upload new firmware to their devices before anyone else and start enjoying new features. Of course, small glitches, freezes, lags and other errors are not excluded, but this is a great chance for the first person to taste the update, and at the same time help Apple to detect flaws in the firmware.

The first public beta of iOS 13 corresponds tosecond beta for developers released last week. Initially, Apple said that the public beta version will be released in July, but apparently decided to release it a few days earlier.

On a separate Apple page, you canSign up to submit an application for participation in the public testing of iOS 13 and iPadOS. Then just follow the instructions on the site. Note that it is best to test new software on a separate device (second phone), which is not basic to use. But if there is no such thing, then before installing the firmware it is necessary to make a backup copy of all data through iTunes or iCloud.

Recall that familiarize yourself with the main iOS 13 you can here. Also on our resource, we wrote about hidden functions in iOS 13, which Apple did not talk about at the presentation. iPadOS has now become an independent platform for tablets, which also contains many useful features.

The release of iOS 13 and iPadOS for all users will take place traditionally in the fall.