Apple began selling wheels and legs for the Mac Pro PC - at the price of a flagship smartphone

Last summer, Apple introduced the new Mac Pro PC, which, thanks to its design, immediately became

hero of memes. Now Apple has begun selling several accessories to it.

How much

The first accessory is wheels with which the computer can be moved around the apartment or office. You could buy them before, but only with the Mac Pro, paying an additional $ 399.

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Expensive? But no. Now a set of four wheels made of chrome-plated stainless steel and rubber can be bought separately - for an impressive $ 699. For the same money you can buy a good flagship smartphone. Or add a hundred and buy immediately two brand new iPhone SE, which debuted yesterday.

For those who don’t like wheels, Apple also offers stainless steel legs. They cost less, but also a lot - $ 299.

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Both sets include a proprietary Allen key, but other tools may be required according to the instructions.

By the way, last week sales of refurbished Mac Pro began with a discount of up to $ 4000.

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