Apple bought the Russian brand AirTag

The Russian company ISBC, registered in Zelenograd, announced an international transaction and sale

AirTag brand. As it turned out, Apple was the buyer.

What bought

For more than 5 years, the AirTag brand has been producingRFID key fobs for identification. They can be used to access offices, fitness centers, production facilities, events, etc. And last year they were certified as a means of payment by the international payment systems MasterCard and Visa.

Now these key rings will be released under the ISBC brand.

Unfortunately, ISBC representatives do not disclose details of the transaction.

“Confidentiality conditions do not allow usdisclose the details of the deal, but we are confident that the future of the AirTag trademark, invented by us and registered internationally, will be bright and soon the whole world will know and love the new product under this name,” the company says.

Why is it Apple

Most likely, under the AirTag brand “apple”the manufacturer will release an accessory to track the location of small objects. Rumors about such a development appeared several months ago, and recently a mention of AirTag was found in iOS 13.2. The code contains a description of an RFID tag that can be attached to any item and tracked through the application.

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