Apple Card: titanium but too tender

Apple products have always been associated with such concepts as simplicity, convenience, for which its users and

love.This is how the Cupertino giant's devices differ from their competitors, which require more attention (setup, maintenance). And after the announcement of the titanium Apple Card, it seemed to everyone that this product would be completely unpretentious (titanium, this is an eternal metal), there is only a chip, there is a tape and that’s it, there is not even firmware. However, the reality turned out to be somewhat different.

What a map

Apple with the release of its cards (first virtual,then titanium) becomes a real financial company. The style of the technology giant determined the design of the new card, it is white, clean, with a minimum of detail, and since it is made of titanium, it must be very durable. However, titanium does not have a natural white color, so it had to be decorated using multi-layer paint spraying. In general, the metal was closed, made clean and white, but there are some problems with the durability of the coating.

On this occasion, the company has even developed andpublished a special instruction manual. How to care, how to store, transport. Of course, if these rules are ignored, then the card’s functionality will not go anywhere (unless severe damage is done), but the card’s appearance will lose much.

Terms of use

The Apple Card turned out to be verysensitive to external influences, so wear it is not worth it in your pocket in jeans. It is also not recommended to wear it in leather pockets, wallets, direct contact is harmful to the card, it can get dirty with paint from the skin. A wallet or purse should have a soft cloth inside, and it is better that it be a separate compartment only for a card. Contact with other cards can also damage the surface of the Apple Card, leaving scratches.

But that’s not all, even if you haven’t scratchedsurface of the card, and wear it strictly in soft material, then the Apple Card may turn yellow over time, become dull. To keep the card in appearance longer, it should be regularly wiped with a damp cloth moistened with an alcohol solution. Never use household detergents or cleaning products.

Well, the classic recommendations: The main way of any card, including the Apple Card, is to read information on magnetic tape. This means that if the tape is demagnetized (and this can happen under certain conditions), the card will fail. You should not carry a card with magnetic trinkets, keys, do not put in a store on a metal counter, do not leave near devices that emit electromagnetic waves (radio, TV, etc.).

How many requirements on one card at once! Yes, it seems a lot, but it seems. In fact, these recommendations are relevant for most ordinary plastic cards. In addition, the Apple Card is not at all for everyday use. This is not a workhorse (tool), but rather an image accessory in cases where it is not possible to pay with a contactless method using NFC and Apple Pay.

In any case, we can soon expect an influx in the market of cases and cases, socially created for the titanium, but delicate Apple Card.

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