Apple ceded Microsoft leadership in capitalization

Shares of different companies from time to time change their value, sometimes the changes are significant, not

Apple is an exception. In the past few months, the technological giant's capitalization has grown, shares have risen by leaps and bounds, after all, the market capitalization of the Cupertino company has swelled to a trillion dollars, after which the growth in stocks continued to the level of $ 231 per share.

High expectations

However, something went wrong as expected andcompany news began to lay in the heads of the inhabitants of the chic offices of Wall Street vague doubts. It began with not very active sales of the new generation of smartphones (although they really went off with a bang, but the forecasts were too high). As a result, orders for assembling smartphones to partner companies were reduced, production of the previous version of the smartphone was also resumed, since it was necessary to choose a quota for OLED displays. They had to be redeemed from Samsung under the contract.

Nekstati company decided not to lay outpublic access information on the quantitative indicators of all sales. Everything went fast, a contract with Amazon, the giant of retail, slowed down the fall only slightly, but did not change the trend.

A quarter of the cost as a bush

These peripetias could not affectvalue of the company's shares, and now they are about $ 170 per share, this is minus 25 percent, and in a very short time. The trillionth line, of course, is broken in the opposite direction, this status of the Cupertino people remained in the form of achievements of the past. The most expensive company has ceased to be such when Microsoft shares have grown, and capitalization has reached 753 billion dollars. But Apple has not yet sunk to the bottom, it is still a very expensive private company, which by this indicator is ahead of IT giant Google and retail giant Amazon. But if this is the case, then in a couple of months the Cupertino surrenders will also surrender these positions.

It is noteworthy that despite such problems,Apple brings a lot more money than any of its competitors, as well as the ratio of net profit. Their product, the cost of which is small, they manage to sell with the maximum markup.