Apple CEO Tim Cook gave Donald Trump the first Mac Pro

The New York Times reporters found an interesting gift in the income statement of the former US President

Donald Trump.

A present from Tim Cook

So, in the section "Gifts and reimbursement of expenses inTravels ”lists the gifts that the former head of state received during his tenure. And, among other things, Apple's Mac Pro is on the list.

This computer is documented as the first to be assembled at the Flex Factory in Austin, Texas.

Most likely, the head of Apple Tim Cook gaveDonald Trump has a Mac Pro back in late 2019. Apparently, this was after the president's visit to this plant. A curious situation was connected with this: after the trip, Trump wrote that he "opened a large Apple production in Texas, which will bring high-paying jobs back to America." In fact, the enterprise has been operating since 2013 and does not belong to Apple at all - they simply collect products for the Apple company.

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The declaration also indicates the cost of the Mac Pro - $ 5,999. This is the price of the basic version - it looks like Donald Trump did not get the famous wheels and the Apple Pro Display XDR.

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