Apple cheated: cutout in MacBook Pro screens overlaps menus in apps

Apple introduced a new generation of MacBook Pro some time ago. New models received 14- and 16-inch displays. AND

one of the main innovations of laptops was the "bangs" like the latest iPhones.

But this innovation, suddenly, has a flip side. The menu icons are partially overlapped by the cutout, despite promises from Apple during the presentation to prevent this from happening.

One of the first to talk about the problem was the popularYouTube blogger Snazzy Q, who posted a video on his Twitter account. At the time of this writing, the video has already gained more than 1 million views.

Note that unlike the same iPhones, "bangs"the new MacBooks don't hide any special systems like Face ID. The company only put a higher-resolution FaceTime HD webcam there - at 1080p instead of the previous 720p.

Source: MacRumors