Apple develops Apple Watch strap with integrated camera

Apple Watch Apple Watch still does not have a built-in camera. It is possible that its absence is due to

limited space. It seems that Apple has already come up with one of the possible solutions to this problem - a strap with an integrated camera.

Apple seems to be countingto realize the idea of ​​integrating the camera into the Apple Watch, but not in the usual way for us. The company's latest patent describes a strap for a smart accessory with a camera or optical sensor attached to its end. Having a camera in the strap would allow users to bend it in order to direct the camera in the right direction for a photo or video.

The camera on the Apple Watch can be used asfor our usual photography, and for FaceTime calls. The patent also describes the possibility of using multiple optical sensors, suggesting that the future Apple Watch strap may have both front and rear cameras, which will allow users to switch between them, like on an iPhone.

Apple has filed an application with the Office of Patents andUS trademarks September 16, 2016, a week after the introduction of the model Apple Watch Series 2. It is possible that in the next generation we can see the implementation of the technology described above.

But it is worth understanding the fact that Apple submits many patent applications every week, and many inventions do not see the light.