Apple did not miss the release of iPhone 9, but simply postponed it

As you know, Apple did not release the iPhone 9, but immediately announced the iPhone X, skipping the ninth version.Many

This was associated with the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the release of the first iPhone.According to preliminary data, the release of the iPhone 9 may take place in the near future.It seems like complete nonsense, but here's what the sources are reporting...

iPhone 9 (iPhone SE 2)

According to rumors, "iPhone SE 2" may be called iPhone9, says an “informed source,” citing Japanese blog Mac Otakara. The report says the device will have the same form factor as the iPhone 8, including a 4.7-inch display with bezels and a home button, but with a faster A13 Bionic chip. The device will also receive 3 GB of RAM and, as with the original iPhone SE, the device will not support 3D Touch technology.

iPhone 9 will certainly be more suitablethe name for the device, given that it sounds more like the successor to the iPhone 8 than the successor to the iPhone SE. With a 4.7-inch display, the new device will be larger than the original iPhone SE, which has a 4-inch display. This may disappoint those who prefer a compact phone.

According to Apple analyst Ming-ChiKuo (Ming-Chi Kuo), an inexpensive iPhone, whatever it is called, will cost about $ 399 with 64 GB of memory and will come in the colors Space Gray, Silver and Red. Numerous reports indicate that the device will be released by the end of the first quarter of 2020.

The original iPhone SE was presented at an Apple event in March 2016, so the release of this device in March 2020 is certainly possible.