Apple drones were 10 thousand times worse than Waymo machines according to Bloomberg

Drivers of Apple's self-driving car will have to intervene to control the car every 1.77 km. Whereas

Waymo drones, which are being developed by Alphabet, can travel more than 17,730 km without human intervention.

Cars from General Motors in unmanned mode can drive more than 8.3 thousand km, also an indicator from 1 thousand km passing drones from Zoox and Nuro.

At the same time in the list of the development departmentCalifornia transport, citing data that Bloomberg has made its list, does not indicate the unmanned mileage of the Tesla autonomous mode - one of the leaders in this market. The mileage indicators without human intervention does not indicate, and Yandex in its UAVs, the company calls this metric irrelevant.

 Apple explained this figure by the fact that the company has been developing this area for a short time.

Recently one of the most famous in the worldYouTube bloggers in the world of technology Marques Brownlee, as part of the CES 2019 exhibition in Las Vegas, conducted a test drive of self-driving cars from Yandex.Taxi. Brownlee drove a drone through the streets of Las Vegas, spoke about the features of the car from Yandex.Taxi and declared , that “after such trips he has hope for the future of driverless taxis.”