Apple explained why you need a "bang" in the MacBook Pro

An unexpected "bang" in the new MacBook Pro has caused confusion among many. Due to criticism, Apple had to prove

users that this innovation is actually a blessing.

9to5Mac provides some commentsof its users: “This is terrible, I wanted to buy a MacBook Pro, but now I changed my mind”, “It's ugly and useless”, “The bangs can be cute on the iPhone, but especially annoying on the laptop”.

Apple claims that moving the menu barin the area on the sides of the "bangs" allows you to give more usable space. A company spokesman said it actually made the display taller. “We just kind of moved it (the menu bar) up, so it's a really smart way to give you more room for your content,” Apple says.

At the same time, on the company's website, the new MacBook Pro is depicted with a black line on top, which hides the "bangs".

Source: 9to5mac