Apple faces full ban on iPhone sales in China

Dark clouds are hanging over Apple's business in China. Xiaoi Robot sued the IT giant eight years ago for

violation of her patent rights for voice assistantSiri. The company is owned by Shanghai Zhizhen Intelligent Network Technology Co. which recently filed a lawsuit with the Supreme People's Court of China demanding Apple pay more than $ 1.5 billion for patent infringement.

Because of what the dispute

Siri software was created in 2007year and was originally used in text chats. In 2010, Siri was acquired by Apple for $ 200 million and has since become a personal assistant through a partnership with Nuance.

Over the years, starting in 2011,Apple has continually added Siri to its products and made it a core feature of the iPhone. But in 2004, Shanghai Zhizhen applied for Chinese patent ZL200410053749.9 for Little i Robot, which was approved in 2009. According to the plaintiff, Apple is infringing on this patent.

Court reaction

Shanghai Zhizhen asks the PRC Supreme People's Court to ban the manufacture, import and sale of iPhone smartphones that violate patent ZL200410053749.9. The Supreme People's Court upheld the request for an injunctionwhile the hearings are ongoing.

If Shanghai Zhizhen ultimately winsAs a matter of fact, Apple could face the prospect of a complete ban on the sale of its flagship iPhone product in China, which is an extremely important market for the Cupertino-based company.

Source: xfastest

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